Domain Privacy

Privacy for Internet users is a very serious issue


The best way to protect your personal data

  • Replace your
    postal address

    with the address of our nominated Privacy Escrow provider

  • Replace your phone
    number and fax number

    with phone and fax numbers of our nominated Privacy Escrow provider

  • Replace your
    email address

    with a uniquely-generated email address that automatically forwards to your email address

Privacy Supported TLD Extensions

Keep your private data safe

Governments, companies, and marketers are taking advantage of your lack of privacy.

If you own a domain name, it is compulsory to have an address, phone number, and email address listed on a public registry. This private information can be found by anyone using a WHOIS look up service.

Find out what private information is stored globally for the world to see on the WHOIS service below.

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