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Protect your identity in America and beyond. We are globally accredited and can provide reliable, secure, and centralised domain management for all country codes.
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Effortless domain control

Powerfully manage all your domain assets with simplicity and style across all your devices. Built by an intuitive design approach and aided with tooltips, our control panel will guide you to domain management mastery.

New Domain Extensions

New top-level domain names are now available for registration. Align your brand with hundreds of memorable ideas spanning generic & geographic namespaces. Be a pioneer in this exciting new era of domains today.
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.Quabec new domain!

It's been an exciting year for the domain industry with many countries beginning to offer new city/region domains. Now it's time for Canada to join the party with .Quebec!

With the launch of this exciting new domain, reaching the population of Canada's second largest province has never been easier.


Go .Global

A new challenger to .com is now publicly available. The new .global domain extension is a must for all businesses working internationally. Secure yours today while the domain is in its infancy.

New York City has been called the capital of the world, and with an economy larger than Switzerland, it is a location that attracts people from all over the world.

The release of .nyc top-level domains means you can now buy your own piece of real estate in this truly global metropolis. Like any great location, you will need to be quick to secure your ideal address.

100% Canada

Canadians prefer .CA sites over .COM sites for banking, shopping, news, entertainment, education, and general web browsing. Why? Simply put, .CA sites are safe, secure, and trusted, in Canada and around the globe. Nearly two million .CA domain names have already been registered. It's time to register yours with America Registry.

Viva Las Vegas!

Vegas has been called the disneyland for adults. From the Little White Chapel to the MGM grand, it all happens here. Sinatra and the rat pack, Britney Spears, Evander Holyfield, Robyn Williams, casinos…Vegas is the town that never sleeps, the city where dreams come true. And now you can own your own spot of the strip with a .vegas domain name.

Much like the world wide web, it is a 24 hour city. It is a mecca for many and as such draws visitors from all over the world. Make your website do that same with a .vegas domain.

Trademark Protection

New TLDs

Q) How can you protect your Trademark during the release of thousands of new domains?

A) With one application, America Registry will take care of you.

America Registry is now an official agent for the Trademark Clearinghouse - A global trademark database, established by ICANN to protect trademark holders in anticipation of the release of new global top-level domains (gTLDs).

Don't miss your chance!

New TLDs

For the first time ever a whole new range of top level domains are about to be launched. No longer constrained to a .COM, you can now register a domain address which tells your users exactly who you are! Show off your .APP, get on your .BIKE - but do it before someone else!
A new Internet is about to open up with all new territories. Don't miss this one and only chance to reserve the territory you need.

Local Phone Numbers

Over 60 Countries

Introducing PhNUM your Global Phone Number Solution powered by advanced ENUM DNS Technology.

Activate your own Local Phone Number in over 60 Countries and redirect it back to your Office, Home or Mobile Phone Anywhere in the World

American Accreditations

Instra Corporation encompasses America Registry. Collectively, the Instra group of companies holds domain name accreditation licenses with ICANN and with ccTLD registrars across American.

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